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Dalziel and Pascoe The Complete Series 1 - 12 + Special

Dalziel, Superintendent Andrew, and Inspector Peter Pascoe Hill's Yorkshire detectives are another entry in a long line of excellent British police procedurals, a subgenre that may more truly define the British mystery than the so-called cozy. Dalziel (pronounced, according to the author, "Deeell"), is middle-aged, fat, and a realist to the point just short of being a cynic. He is shrewd and a top-notch investigator. Pascoe is younger, college educated, and on the way up. A sergeant when we meet him, he is a detective chief inspector in the most recent book. He's married and has one child. The series is given a certain edge by the fact that, while the men work well together and respect each other's abilities, they are not bosom buddies in the manner of so many detective teams. While working in the procedural vein and giving us a close-up picture of life in Yorkshire from the cities to the small mining towns,.
01 A Clubbable Woman
02 An Advancement of Learning
03 An Autumn Shroud

04 Ruling Passion
05 A Killing Kindness
06 Deadheads

07 Exit Lines
08 Under World
09 Child's Play

10 Bones and Silence
11 The Wood Beyond
12 On Beulah Height

13 Recalled to Life
14 Time to Go
15 The British Grenadier

16 A Sweeter Lazarus
17 Cunning Old Fox
18 Foreign Bodies

19 Above the Law
20 Walls of Silence
21 Home Truths

22 Secrets of the Dead
23 Truth and Consequences
24 The Unwanted

25 Mens Sana
26 Sins of the Fathers
27 For Love nor Money
28 Dialogues of the Dead (Pt 01 special)
29 Dialogues of the Dead (Pt 02 special)
30 A Game of Soldiers
31 The Price of Fame

32 Great Escapes
33 Soft Touch
34 Heads you Lose (part 01)
35 Heads you Lose (part 02)

36 Dead Meat (part 01)
37 Dead Meat (part 02)
38 The Dig (part 01)
39 The Dig (part 02)

40 Dust Thou Art (part 01)
41 Dust Thou Art (part 02)
42 Houdini's Ghost (part 01)
43 Houdini's Ghost (part 02)

44 Glory Days(part 01)
45 Glory Days(part 02)
46 Wrong Time Wrong Place (part 01)
47 Wrong Time Wrong Place (part 02)

48 Guardian Angel (part 01)
49 Guardian Angel (part 02)
50 A Death in the Family (part 01)
51 A Death in the Family (part 02)

52 The Cave Woman (part 01)
53 The Cave Woman (part 02)
54 Fallen Angel (part 01)
55 Fallen Angel (part 02)

56 Demons on Our Shoulders (part 01)
57 Demons on Our Shoulders (part 02)
58 Project Aphrodite (part 01)
59 Project Aphrodite (part 02)
60 Under Dark Stars (part 01)
61 Under Dark Stars (part 02)
Warren Clarke
Colin Buchan
Susannah Corbett
David Royle
Naomi Bentley
Wayne Perrey
Jennifer James
Keeley Forsyth
Joe Savino
Jo-Anne Stockham
James Puddephatt
Jemma Hines
Format: DVDR
Encoded: PAL or NTSC
Sourced: DVD/TV
Region: Free
Country: UK
Language: English
Runtime: 61 Eps
Air Date: 1996-2007
Filming Locations: England
Supplied Artwork to Disc's Protective sleeves
Numbers of Disc's 17